Monday, November 10, 2014

Jump Fighter / Review [iPhone Game]

Introduction Video 

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"Jump Fighter" is a side-scrolling jump action game.
The game is to move your character with the virtual pad, 
jump up to eliminate the enemy
Follows the typical jump platformer format.

Additional features in the new update:
1. Supports widescreen version on the iPad.
(You can feel the different fun.)
2. Improvement of iPad discomfort

Supported languages
English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language support.

The beginning of this story starts at the Serith planet of Earth's second satellite.
We must make sure Serith stays in its orbit. 

Operation explanation

Early stages can be cleared only by using arrow keys and jump <A>.

1. If the arrow keys to move quickly in touch once more the character runs. (With acceleration)

2. There are two types of monsters. Stomp on the monsters to get rid of them.
    2-1 If monster is dead? OK
    2-2 Otherwise, if the monster is stun, you can attack with the B button.

3. Attack with the B button (available only humanoid monsters)
    3-1 Button battered near the monster, 3 combo attack.
    3-2 You can throw when monster is stun. (when you are sitting, Throw lying on the floor.)

4. There is a stage 3 special moves and gauge goes up every time you step on your enemies.
(Level1: Green, Level2:Brown, Level3: Blue)
When the gauge is FULL, simply touch the S button.
If you sit down when you touch the S button, will activate another special moves.

5. Hold Horizontal movement, ladder climbing, sliding, crawling, three combos, throwing,
riding on dinosaur and ice firing, riding on robot and fire firing..
There are a variety of events.

Offers a variety of terrain objects on the battle, 
more than 70 different levels.

Level up your special moves, every time you stomped on enemy.
Just a touch of the S button will activate a variety of special moves.

We must make sure Serith stays in its orbit. 

Recommended Devices
iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, 
iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation and above),
iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod touch (5th generation and above)
* The supported OS is iOS 6.1 and above

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